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For Immediate Release
Contact: Zina L. Carter  979-532-6417


Beginning this fall, Wharton County Junior College students taking more than 13 hours of academic transfer courses will get a discount on tuition and fees.

According to the new policy, students will not be charged tuition or fees for any courses above 13 credit hours provided the students are enrolled in an academic program and not a vocational one. For example, an in-district student taking 19 credit hours will pay around $1,214 – the same amount a student taking only 13 hours will pay.

The purpose? Assist students in enrolling for additional courses in order to graduate in a more timely fashion and accomplish their educational goals.

“Wharton County Junior College has a large group of students who enroll for 12 to 13 hours and we want to enable these students to take additional courses at no extra charge,” said WCJC President Betty McCrohan. “We feel this is a win-win for both the family and the students we service.”

The program takes effect this fall and only applies to students enrolled in academic degree plans. For additional details and updates on the program, visit the college’s website at: www.wcjc.edu

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