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Preliminary Non-Credit Course Proposal

Thank you for your interest in working with Wharton County Junior College. We are continuously working to develop new and relevant courses for our Continuing Education curriculum. Please complete the following form and return your proposal to

Course proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. You will be notified that your proposal has been successfully received and will be placed on file with the Continuing Education Department of Wharton County Junior College. If your course is accepted, a CE specialist will contact you to coordinate the details of the course and gather additional information. Continuing Education staff will use the information provided to assist in scheduling Non-Credit courses for their online schedule, as well as in developing individual contract training sessions.

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Room requirements: Indicate any special classroom set-up needed. Our classrooms are all different, table and chairs, tablets, arm chairs or lecture. For classes with special needs the tables can be moved or removed.

Multimedia requests: Computer(s), projector, internet, etc.

Learning Objectives: List at least five course completion outcomes. (What will the student know, be able to explain, be able to apply in their lives, be able to analyze, be able to create, or be able to evaluate?)



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