Spring 2015 New Student Orientation
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WCJC New Student Orientation is offered by your WCJC campus staff to help new WCJC students be as successful as possible at college. Our goal is to answer your questions, put your fears to rest and help you get started on the right foot. We know that students that attend our orientation programs have a greater level of academic success and continue in college in greater numbers than those students that donít attend. Students may register for Spring 2015 classes as part of the orientation program.

Orientation sessions are approximately 4 hours long and will include:

  • Building your plan to reach your academic goal.
  • Learning how to select the right classes to reach your goal.
  • Hands on training with WCJC's registration program.
  • All the information you need to be successful at WCJC.
  • First Time in College (FTIC) Students that attend NSO have a higher first semester grade point average then FTIC students who donít attend.

WCJC students know that starting smart means attending an on campus orientation before classes start!

Please review the information below. All items below must be cleared prior to your attendance at New Student Orientation. It is strongly recommended that the below items be cleared a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your New Student Orientation date and time.

1. Have you completed and submitted an application for admission www.applytexas.org ? Have you verified your application of admission has been received in the Office of Admission and Registration or received an e-mail from WCJC indicating receipt of your application for admission? The application for admission (www.applytexas.org) may take up to 90 processing hours to be completed. http://wcjc.edu/Admissions/admissions-and-registration/index.aspx

2. Have you started your financial aid process www.fafsa.ed.gov ? Please be aware that priority deadlines exist for financial aid. Submit your financial aid application as early as possible. Submit your financial aid application and scholarship applications as early as possible. http://wcjc.edu/About-Us/administration/offices/financial-aid/index.aspx

3. Have you requested a final high school transcript with date of graduation and testing scores, or requested a copy of your GED and verified with the Office of Admission and Registration that they have been received? http://wcjc.edu/Admissions/admissions-and-registration/index.aspx
4. If you were NOT exempt from taking a placement test, have you taken your placement test? http://wcjc.edu/Admissions/testing/index.aspx

5. Have you fulfilled any requirements for holds that may be on your student account, such as the meningitis vaccination requirement http://wcjc.edu/Admissions/admissions-and-registration/index.aspx or http://wcjc.edu/About-Us/documents/Vaccination/Marketing-MEDexemptionFORM.pdf or https://webds.dshs.state.tx.us/immcojc/ or any residency holds?

New Student Orientation is not mandatory, but strongly suggested for first time entering students. A first time entering student is defined as a new student that has not previously attended a college or university, is not a transfer student, transient student, dual credit or concurrent credit high school student.

Registration for each orientation session will close three (3) business days before the session, so plan ahead.

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